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 Coruscant - The search begins

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PostSubject: Coruscant - The search begins   Wed Oct 07, 2009 7:22 pm

Salkar, a newfound force sensitive, dressed in his noble garb, walks up the steps of the Jedi Temple, he wished to learn the ways of the force. After walking inside and walking up to a nearby Master, he asks her the question:
"Excuse me, Master Jedi, I would like to learn the ways of the force, if you would teach me?"

The Master paused...then finally replied:
"You are indeed strong in the force, it is strange how one such as yourself was not found by the Jedi long ago. However, I cannot teach you, you are far too old to learn the ways of the jedi."

After finding out that the Jedi will not teach him, Salkar learned of the Sith and their nondiscriminatory ways of allowing anyone with power to have a chance at learning the strength of the force and what could be gained by learning to use such techniques.

After searching around Coruscant for several days, Salkar decided that the Sith were unaware of his power and what he could contribute to the overall strength of the Sith. He decided to go back to work with the senator and would wait for his time to come and his training with the Sith to commence. However, this seemed to be a waiting game and that he would be losing for a while.
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Coruscant - The search begins
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