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 Coruscant - The Legacy Begins

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PostSubject: Coruscant - The Legacy Begins   Fri Mar 13, 2009 3:15 pm

((Character in use: Akkarin Delvon - unaware Force senstive. If anyone wants to join the post to get him on the path to being either Jedi or Sith (or anything else), it would be appreciated.))



“Kraikan. It’s a Sith name, originated on Ziost. I think it would help commemorate our… union.”

“What does it mean?”



“He will be our legacy – yours and mine. My family hath no legacy; I am the first of my line to do something noteworthy. Your family has a known Jedi legacy. Kraikan will honour the Tribal legacy, and achieve what so many before him have strived for – peace.”

“I sense… the future is important for our… Kraikan. He has a major part to play. Perhaps he will fulfil this prophecy and not only continue our legacy, but start a whole new one… one of peace…”

“Yes, the fate of this one is… powerful.”

“I sense you in his future, Seth… I mean, more than you’d expect from a father. Your fates are… more than entwined.”

“Yes, our dream will be realised. He shall follow my footsteps, and together we shall rule as father and son. We shall be one, and when my time ends, he shall become me. He shall continue my legacy; continue my
Kraikan, with his own.”

“Legacy… Kraikan…”





Akkarin awoke with a start, reaching for his waist to grab at a weapon which wasn’t there. For some reason, it was a natural reaction for him to try to snatch a vibrosword off of his belt. No, not a vibrosword – he’d never touched one in his life. Then what? A sword or stabbing implement of some kind. It was a natural reaction, especially one that he tried to act on whenever awoken from his dreams – the strangest of dreams. Akkarin looked up from the sofa in the employee lounge to the overweight, unclean man standing above of him. His boss. Akkarin never cared for the durasteel works that he found his employment in, but credits were credits. It was what had to be done, even if he did yearn for a life… greater than this – a life that would affect the whole Galaxy.

Jumping to his feat, the Force-sensitive 17 year-old quickly answered, “Sorry sir, I was just taking a nap.”

“For the second time in two days, Delvon. Your break ended 25 minutes ago. I’m warning you kid, your time here is drawing to a close. Kriff up one more time, and you’re out. Get out of my sight.”

Akkarin apologized and left, heading back outside into the Coruscant midday air, where workers were welding together durasteel plates. Finding his station, he continued with the tedious, repetitive work. As the day droned on however, the lack of concentration required meant that he slowly drifted off into a meditative state – his unaware Force-sensitivity being the catalyst to allow one lost relative – a relative he didn’t know he had – to speak to him again subconsciously.

“Akkarin. Find your destiny. Follow your path – the path that I could not. You have potential. Find your legacy – you are my Kraikan. Find the Jedi. Find the Sith. Learn from either. Find a master, and your legacy shall begin. Your path is decided, laid out before you – destiny is inevitable.”

Akkarin didn’t even hear the words – they simply seeped into his head as he daydreamed without him even realising it: their subconscious effect would drive him, and give him the push on the path to his destiny. To his legacy.
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Coruscant - The Legacy Begins
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