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 The Ark Corporation

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Adroit System

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The Ark Corporation

Founding: The Ark Corporation was founded by Dakar Constantine, a former CEO of Corellian Engineering Corporation. Dakar was a man of integrity and ethics, which inevitably led to his failure at CEC. His moral business strategies caused a dip in profits after Dakar diverted income to pay employee’s higher wages and refused to deal with other unethical companies. While a major decline in profits occurred, Dakar argued that profits would return to and exceed the high levels CEC was used too. However his words fell on deaf ears, and Dakar was Ejected from the company.

It would not be long however, before a small shipping company was founded on Corellia known as Ark Shipping. Here, Dakar set the foundations for a company that would eventually surpass CEC and sit atop the corporate food chain. But it began with small, fast, private speeders that specialized in carrying valuable cargo for rich customers. Dakar however, remained true to his moral business strategies, and often time refused to do business with customers who were unethical and were known to hinder their communities. Because of lost customers, Dakar’s insistence in higher wages and many donations, Ark Shipping’s growth at the beginning was slow. While expansion was always on Dakar’s mind, it could not expand for twenty years.

Expansion: Because of Dakar’s business strategies, while he did not expand, Ark Shipping was nearly impossible to get rid of due to its ties to the community. And after twenty years, popular support simply because of ethical business and generous donations led to customers preferring Ark Shipping over its cheaper competitors. Ark Shipping’s quality and customer service could not be matched. And so, after twenty years, Dakar had finally out lasted his competitors and business boomed. Ark Shipping quickly grew in record time from a local planet based shipping company to providing interstellar delivery (though it maintained its small planet based shipping). The idea of expansion became reality, and Ark Shipping could have quickly opened up new locations across the galaxy rather then simply on Corellia. However once again, Dakar’s business strategies interrupted profits, and halted expansion.

“The Ark Companies duty is and always will be to its community” - Dakar Constantine.

While many executive’s within Ark Shipping argued for expansion, Dakar countered. Dakar’ philosophy, actually feared expansion, and suggested that galactic corporations hurt communities because they did not reside within one. They were not close to their customers, and as such were not bothered when there presence impacted the communities in a negative way, so long as they profited. However Dakar found a solution, which also led to an expansion in the services Arc Shipping provided. Dakar expanded the company, and broke it down into many smaller branches that operated almost as separate small companies. He would expand, but divert more power to the local management within the community, rather then give total authority to what became known simply as the Ark Corporation.

The Ark Corporation Today: Fifty years after the Ark Corporation was founded as the small shipping service, it stands as the largest active company across the galaxy, with more services then any known company. However, it maintains its ethical strategies with Dakar behind the wheel at the age of 84. Dakar ensures that every branch maintains its power, and operates on small scales. However all united, the corporation remains strong.
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The Ark Corporation
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