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 The Corporation's Army

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PostSubject: The Corporation's Army   The Corporation's Army Icon_minitimeSun Nov 23, 2008 4:46 pm

Please realize that I'm guessitmating...I have had my empire a very long time...I have had my empire (the earliest I can find) at least 6 months into my RP at JS...if the numbers are inflated or need to be more...let me know cause I'm guessing. My real count is probably larger when you consider that I bought and sold from various stores, planets, etc. I'm currently restructuring the events and trying to figure out the best I can. That and no store really followed a production guide line so I was able to buy a lot...

Super Star Destroyers: 200
Star Destroyers: 400
Mon Calamari Medical Ships: 100

Squadron of ships = 60
X wings: 200 squads
Y wings: 150 squads
A wings: 160 squads
B wings: 100 squads

Fighters: 200 squads
Bombers: 100 squads
Advanced: 150 squads

Naboo Fighers: 180 squads
YT-1300s: 100 squads
Slave II Remakes: 50 squads


Droids (1,000 droids = 1 squad)
Combat: 100 squads
Mobile Assault: 75 squads
Defense: 50 squads
Lightsaber Trained (non-force): 25 squads
Kamikaze (Space Droids): 30 squads

Clones (100 Clones = 1 squad)
Combat: 1,000 squads
Mobile Assault: 750 squads
Defense: 500 squads
Lightsaber Trained (non-force): 250 squads

Mobile Satellite Networks (Network = 25 Satellites)
Tracking: 5 Networks
Jamming: 10 Networks
Intelligence: 7 Networks
Hacking: 10 Networks


10 Mobile Orbital Asteroid Bases
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The Corporation's Army
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