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 The Corporation

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PostSubject: The Corporation   The Corporation Icon_minitimeWed Nov 12, 2008 12:33 pm

The Corporation (Yes, I didn't have a better name for it)

A privately owned corporation that has its HQ on the planet, Lok. This group was created by former Jedi Master Helius Tak for the betterment of his own ideals. Helius Tak is what one could call the CEO; however, runs the corporation as a brutal dictator when necessary. Most of the time a group of cloned Helius Taks run the corporation in the main Helius' lack of presence.

It is a fully operational corporation that has special interests in planets such as Lok, Naboo, Rishi, Nar Shaddaa, and many more planets. The corporation sets each area up as an independent business that replicates everything it needs and wants. Each facility has its own shipyard, factory, farming, research facility, etc. for its employees and visiting members.

It has been in working order for decades and has one of the strongest military numbers in the galaxy to back it up. Most of the time though, the military is running exercises and doing routine sercurity drills to keep in shape in case something does happen.

The corporation also sponsers gambling and some famous pod races in the galaxy. Its unique perspective makes it one of the fastest growing coporations in the galaxy. It has many projects for the future and plenty of job opportunities.


Helius aka Origin or 0 rules over Cloned Helius (CH [designated number])

There are 9 CHs with individual responsibilities...

CH1 looks over Lok and resides in Dome City. It is in charge of Oversight of the other 8CHs along with overseeing the purpose of Lok.

CH2 resides on Naboo and lives in Theed 2, and this clone is in charge of the operations on Naboo.

CH3 resides on Rishi and is in charge of the operations of that planet.

CH4 resides on Nar Shaddaa and oversees the operations of said planet.

CH5 resides on Kashyyk and oversees the operatons of said planet.

CH6 resides on Tatooine and overseas the Pod races and operations of said planet.

CH7 resides on Mobile Orbital Asteroid Bases in the galaxy and overseas the operations of said bases.

CH8 resides in the Senex Sector and overseas all planets, operations, and facilities of said sector.

CH9 resides with Redack's empire as an advisor to Redack on the operations of the Corporation and doings of Helius Tak.

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The Corporation
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