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 Coruscant - Old War Dogs DO Learn New Tricks

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PostSubject: Coruscant - Old War Dogs DO Learn New Tricks   Mon Mar 09, 2009 5:58 pm

On Coruscantís surface, buildings high and low are the predominate geography of the land. There are a few areas not touched by the production of sentient beings, however. One such lay three miles from a famous library. Although surrounded by dark grey buildings, the ground was covered with grass and a few trees sprouted here and there. The bright spot of peace in a bustling, dark city was only about one-hundred feet in length and just over that in width. One could come here to get away from life in the city, if only for a little bit.

A hissing sound emitted from the quiet grove as two lightsabers clashed in combat. Two figures gripped the lightsabers and struggled against each other. One looked like an old Sith Lord, wearing battle armor and wielding a red bladed lightsaber. The other wore a Jedi Adventurerís tunic with a dark grey dye over black military fatigues. The trousers were bloused half way down his black combat boots.

Aiden pushed as hard as he could. His cyan bladed lightsaber moved ever so slowly towards the Sithís face. The dark grey clothe wrapped around either of his forearms all the way to the palm of his hands started to heat up from a source other than the lightsabers. Smoke began to rise from the dangling excess clothe that the wraps around his forearms, thighs and midsection had. Aiden knew it was from the Sith, who was using the force to heat up Aidenís body and try to tire him out with heat exhaustion. The Sith didnít count on Aidens past; he had been through worse heat than this.

The Sith hopped back, breaking the saber-lock. Aiden finished his swing and took a step forward, raising his unused left hand so that the palm was facing the Sith. A wave in the force slammed against the Sithís body, knocking the Sith off his feet. Seeing an opportunity, Aiden ran forward, using the force to enhance the muscles in his legs so that he could run faster. In less than a second, he was a blur moving towards the downed Sith. His cyan bladed lightsaber had switched positions in his right hand, now having the blade closest to his pinky rather than his index finger. As he reached the Sith, he brought his right hand back and then shot it downwards in a stabbing attempt at the downed Sith. With help from the force, the Sith pushed off with his legs, spinning on the ground and then flipping upwards into a standing position as Aidenís blade entered the earth and began burning the grass, a strong indication that his lightsaber didnít have a stun setting.

Aidenís hazel eyes shot upwards into the Sithís sinister yellow eyes. The Sith thrust his lightsaber forward. Aiden dodged by pivoting on his lightsaber to the right which brought him up to the Sithís left as the Sithís lightsaber passed on the other side of Aidenís lightsaber, neutralizing any blocking attempt from the Sith. Aidenís left hand curled into a fist. He surrounded it in the force and thrust it forward in a punch. The fist connected with the Sithís face and instantly the force flew forward and slammed into the Sith in the same manner as Aidenís fist. The Sithís head kicked back and the Sith lost his footing and fell backwards. Before the Sith could counter, Aiden reached out with the force and grabbed the falling Sith with the force while retracting his lightsaber from being stuck in the earth. When Aidenís right hand found itís rightful place at his right side and the cyan blade of the lightsaber hummed idly behind Aidenís back, Aiden lifted his left hand, raising the Sith into the air about twenty feet. Without pause, Aiden crouched down as he threw his hand down to the ground, which in turn sent the Sith hurdling towards the ground. When the Sith connected, his body bounced with a sicking thud. Within a moment, Aiden was at the Sithís side with his cyan blade through the Sithís abdomen and into the ground beneath him.

The cyan blade disappeared as Aiden de-engaged his lightsaber and replaced it in the black clothe wrap around his waist separating the top and bottom portions of the tunic. He took a step back as the Sith began to make a sizzling noise and then finally vanished, a silver droid taking his place. The droidís eyes flashed and it shook itís head.

ďYou have gotten better, Master!Ē The droid was a suck up. Aiden smirked.

ďEither that or youíre getting worse. Thatís enough for today.Ē Aiden laughed lightly and helped the droid to its feet. He patted it on the shoulder, a gesture of a job well done. The droidís name was Virus, named after one of the Marines who had been killed in Aidenís squad on Kuat. ďHead back to the apartment will you? Iím going to calm down and do some research and shit for a while.Ē

ďOf course, Master. Is there anything youíd like to eat when you get back?Ē Virus cocked its head to the side, showing a sign of curiosity. Aiden shook his head.

ďNah, Iím all set. Iíll get something to eat on my way home.Ē

ďYes, of course, Master!Ē Virus walked away, disappearing behind a large grey building. Aiden sighed and sauntered over to the only rock in the grove which formed a sort of uncomfortable seat. He looked around, finding the datapad he had downloaded certain topics to and brought it to himself with the use of the force. When it reached the palm of his right hand, Aiden turned it on and brought it down in lap, looking down at the screen as words flashed across it.

Aiden opened up the first topic, Jedi History. A complete history to the Jedi began. Aiden started reading it, taking note of any faults. To his surprise, only 5,000 words in, Aiden had noticed that most of the Jediís history was made up of faults. He began wondering deep inside his mind. How can such a proud order that has lived for so long have so many faults?

The solution soon came to him after further research into the topic. Skipping the middle portion of the history, Aiden started reading about the most recent happenings to the Jedi Order. A sigh escaped his lips as the answer to his question became even clearer. The Jedi were masters of deception, using the force to guide others into following them. They deny it, time and time again, but the force around them ultimately causes the obedience of billions of people. Aiden shook his head. Itís like fucking brainwashing.

Aiden closed the Jedi History section and laid the datapad on his lap. The Sith are the Jediís mortal enemy, but I donít remember the Sith having so many faults. If the Jedi are doing this sort of shit to people, what are the Sith doing that makes them so evil? Aiden became increasingly curious and opened up a section of his datapad about the Sith. He began reading, understanding more and more of the situation with every word. He realized that true Sith arenít evil at all, but just have a different, less pacifist way of looking at the force than the Jedi. The Jedi like control, as does everyone, and so they manipulated the people into thinking the Sith were evil. No wonder we led happy lives under Sith control. We were free to do what we want while here weíre bound by restrictions up the ass.

Aiden turned the datapad off and shook his head. He had been lied to, and a growing resentment started to grow in him. He hadnít seen his master in weeks, but he didnít much care. He had all he needed and he was sure he could find a way to learn more on his own. The force was a great thing, once you learned the basics, you could combine them to form whole new powers or even create your own. Aiden had advanced all of the ďcoreĒ powers as they were called. He was adept in fighting with the force and many times coupled it with his raw strength. With great effort, Aiden reached over on the rock and grabbed an awkward looking object. It had a rounded base, forming the outline of an eight with a hole in the middle. A stem protruded from the smaller portion of the Ďeight.í Six strings of different sizes, the three larger being made of metal and the three smaller being made of nylon, ran the length of the stem and over the hole in the middle of the main body.

Aiden held it so that the eight formed around the top of his right leg. He held the stem in his left hand and held a small, rounded, triangular object between the index finger and thumb of his right hand. He moved his fingers into a position near the end of the stem and pressed the second, third, and fifth strings down. The pick in his right hand strummed the bottom five strings in a melodic way. Quickly, Aiden raised two of his fingers and pressed them down upon the first and second strings. A lower note emitted from the musical object. Pressing down on the third fourth and fifth strings formed a new, lighter note, which shortly changed back to the beginning chord, completely the melody. Aiden found peace in this object that he called a guitar. He had played many a war songs through it to his fellow Marines.

((This is informative, basically showing progress in Aidenís force abilities))
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Coruscant - Old War Dogs DO Learn New Tricks
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