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PostSubject: Csillia   Wed Mar 04, 2009 6:13 pm

It was a cold bitter night, and the wind blew hard as the snow fell softly upon Apollo hooded leather jacket. As he made his way through the city the streets where dark and empty the odd eyes would be seen in the dark as he stumbled him way through the bad weather. Every now and then he would look down at the ground at the random homeless people stuck to sleeping on the street, the beggers holding out there hands asking for change as he made his way towards the bar.

Upon approaching the doors a tall man stood Apollo pushing him against the wall, his dark black eyes staring out at him from the hood that he slowly pulled down. Look out from it was a tall green twilek he, he looked Apollo up and down slowly then continued to push him harder again the wall.

" give me your credits Chiss..*

The twiliek said with a rusty bitter voice filled with anger. His breathing hitting Apollo face like a warm breeze as they stared each other in the eyes.

" I have no credits Twiliek... And i advise you to let me go"

Apollo voice was polite and yet was silent at the same time as he stared at his face. For a momment the twiliek looked at him with astonishment, thinking he has got the upper hand. He was for one bigger, he looked like alot strong than the chiss. Apollo once more spoke softly towards the twiliek trying to keep a soft tone.

" let me go... i won't ask again"

The twiliek this time went to push harder,but by now Apollo had enough. He grabbed the mans arm quickly twisting it behind his back as he lay a blow to the back of the twilieks left knee forcing him to the floor. He then continued to twist his arm to the left snapping his elbow as he fell to his knees.

"i told you to let me go*

Apollo said to him in a soft subtle voice. His eyes glared down at him softly, staring at the Twiliek as he screamed in pain at his now broken arm. Apollo decided he had enough of his whining as he looked down at him once more, then took his Blaster pistol out of its container and shot th twiliek at point black range in the head once .

He stared at his cold dead body on the floor as he lay there silent, just momments ago he wastrying to rob Apollo of credits he did not have. He thought its werid how one momment you can be breathing, and next it can all end as he stepped over the dead lifeless body

"i might as well check him for credits"

He whispered to himself as he bent down checking the twilieks pockets on each side of him. In the right one he found a small bag with about 400 credits in, he slowly pulled it out getting back onto his knees and brushed the dirty snow off him. He then continued into the bar for a quiet drink.

(this is my first RP in a long time, so you will have to mind it. If it is not the best ^_^)
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