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 Coruscant bar - Politics and Bantha Fodder

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PostSubject: Coruscant bar - Politics and Bantha Fodder   Tue Mar 03, 2009 1:33 pm

((Characters in Play: Kraisen and Azzo))

Kraisen stood behind the bar handing out drinks to the patrons as the holonet news was on in the background. He had managed the obtain and keep the job for a couple of months now. Reporters were outside of the Senate building broadcasting the event for the public. With contacts on the inside, they seemed to be doing a fair job in keeping to people informed of what was going on.

"Just like the Jedi to propose an act that could take us to war," a voice called out from across the room. Complaints about the Jedi could be heard all around the bar, though not everyone was against them. A few people agreed with the freedom the Jedi wanted more so out of tradition instead of loyalty and faith of the order.

"What do you think Kraisen. Think we should support the Wayland Empire or the Jedi and a New Republic?" The man, one of the regulars, looked to Kraisen for an answer as he took a drink from his glass. Kraisen didn't answer immediatly. He simply stood there cleaning glasses and placing them on the shelf behind the bar. After he was finished setting up the glasses, Kraisen turned to the man and looked at him through the visor covering his eyes.

"As it stands, the Wayland hasn't done anything against the people since the Sith had left. Forcing them out now would be a slap to their face. However if they do agree to the Republic rebuilding then I'd see no reason to not ask for their help until the Republic is back to full strength." In truth he didn't care what happened as long as he wasn't dragged into the mix. All he wanted was to be left alone.

Before the man could make a reply to Kraisen's answer, another man spoke up not just to a specific person but to the whole bar. "Ladies, gentlemen, and creatures..." The man hopped onto a table and looked around the room as everyone looked at him. "...lend me your ears." With a swift movement, the man jumped from one table to another. Mugs flew from the surface as he landed. "Shall we listen to the Jedi now that all the work is done and they show up to sweep up the pieces?" With another jump the man landed on the bar and began walking up and down it's length as he looked out over the crowd.

"Sure we all want things back they way they were before, but should we seek this change because someone tells us to?" Leaning over, he swiped a drink from a man's hand and gulped down what was left of the liquid. "NO!" With a toss, the glass hit the floor. Everyone in the room was now looking at the man as though he was crazy, including Kraisen.

Before the man could continue on any further, Kraisen moved behind and hit the back of the man's knees. This caused the weight of his body to buckle under his legs and fall. On the way down he hid his head on the bar and slumped down into the floor. Kraisen shook his head. 'The man must've been drunk' he thought. To his surprise, the man jumped back to his feet and looked around.

"Who dares attack Major Azzo from behind?" commanded the man. He looked around the room and then turned to Kraisen. A different look was in his eyes from before. He pointed his finger out to Kraisen. "You..." A glass suddenly smashed against the back of his head. He merely shook his head as though it'd cure everything and looked back to Kraisen. "...pour me a drink. Azzo's the name."

Kraisen was a bit confused and the constant change from the man. Pouring a drink, Kraisen placed it on the counter in hopes of shutting the man up.

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Coruscant bar - Politics and Bantha Fodder
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