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 Coruscant- The Snake's Venom

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PostSubject: Coruscant- The Snake's Venom   Mon Mar 02, 2009 12:10 pm

((Characters: Jacen, Redack, Atrum & Galven {trying to kill a few birds with one stone so I'm making an informative post with almost all my characters involved Razz}))

Had it been hours? Or days? Jacen had no idea as he walked towards the Supreme Chancellors office, in a few days the senate would have chosen their new leader and the Wayland Empire would be willingly returning this entire building to the Republic. Though that annoyed Jacen, but it was a consequence of his decision to elect a new Emperor for the Wayland Empire. Though he could say that the soldiers of the Wayland Empire had given their blood and life to claim Coruscant and this structure, it'd be a lie. The Sith hadn't put up any kind of a fight and as a result Coruscant had been taken with ease- and was now being held thanks to the massive hypergate in the system that allowed ships to come and go as needed within an instant.

"Emperor." Jacen said to Galven Lund as he arrived in the office. At first his eyes had caught a glance towards Atrum, his son, but they'd quickly directed themselves at Galven as he addressed him by title.

"Jacen, please tell me you secured an alliance with the Unholy Alliance." Galven said from his red seat on the other side of a desk. Jacen had initially wanted to change the room to use a green or yellow colour scheme, of course it wasn't up to him any more. Why had he bothered, the Jedi still didn't trust him even though he'd given the power of the Wayland Empire over to someone else.

"No." Jacen said, making his annoyed tone very clear. He sat in one of the seats on this side of the desk. "In fact, the Jedi decided to murder Anarcus before I had a chance to do anything."

"Ah, well... It doesn't matter I suppose, the alliance was only to ensure he didn't attack us... Right?" Galven asked. This amused Jacen slightly, the mighty Emperor of the Wayland Empire had absolutely no idea what Jacen was plotting to the point that he had to ask for the answers.

"You said you had something to show me." Jacen pointed out.

Atrum suddenly left the room in what could be described as an angry manor. Walking down the corridor Atrum never let a thought enter his mind, not even a slight observation of the surroundings. He blurred it all out. His Dad was turning back into what he'd started out as, yet Atrum seemed to be the only one that could see it. Perhaps the Jedi had known it, or simply suspected it would happen, but in the Wayland Empire itself Atrum was alone in this understanding and it angered him... Of course that was a thought and so really he had just let thoughts enter his mind, perhaps he should just stop thinking about it... He reached the end of the corridor and two soldiers were waiting with cylinder hovering above the ground.

"Bring him." Atrum ordered. He almost missed CABAL, but of course he knew that if CABAL were re-activated then it'd just dominate him like it had in the past with Redack or Jacen there to pull all the strings. The soldiers both grabbed the side of the cylinder and began pulling it gently, the fact that it hovered made it incredibly easy to move but also meant if you applied too much pressure it could flip. The three of them eventually arrived back in the office where Jacen and Galven were having some sort of discussion about something that probably didn't even matter to anyone but themselves, though they quickly stopped talking once he was close enough to make out any words.

"It seems someone we all know has decided he wants to rejoin the Empire... Open it." Galven said. The two soldiers pressed a button on either side and then left the office. The cylinder began to open up, eventually becoming a semi-circle and revealed a familiar green skinned face inside it. Atrum seemed surprised, Jacen looked more concerned about the fact that he hadn't sense who was inside and Redack D'Zor- the man inside the cylinder, simply looked amused.

"Why did you let him return?" Atrum asked, he seemed even more angry than earlier. Galven noted that he had every right to be angry, Redack had of course been the one to trap Atrum into servitude of the Wayland Empire. Though Galven had wondered why Atrum did not simply leave now that he had the choice- perhaps he couldn't adapt to normal life outside of the Empire.

"Well, its the best welcome I could expect." Redack said with a grin on his face. "But I'm not here to rejoin this Empire..." Within a few seconds he'd pushed Atrum to the ground with an unseen force and knocked Galven out of his chair. "I'm here to reclaim it."

"We're genetically identical and I've recently been on a feast acquiring some amazing Force techniques, you can't possibly believe you can defeat me." Jacen replied. His eyes fixed on Redack and the next moment the Clawdite was sent flying out of the cylinder and into the wall. Not even a movement from Jacen, not that he needed to. He'd been using the midi-chlorian manipulation technique he'd stolen from Darth Plagueis' spirit. Improvement to his mental capabilities, physical and even an increase in the number of midi-chlorians in his body. But it wasn't enough, the hunger that drove him to acquire such a power was constantly driving him to become even stronger.

Redack stood up, Jacen could sense he was using the Force to keep himself strong. Such a waste of energy and effort. Bolts of Force Lightning sprang to life in Redack's fingers and then shot out towards Jacen, it suddenly stopped about ten centimetres from his chest and then began spiralling around his body, never coming into contact with him and eventually after this pointless display of Jacen's abilities began to form into an orb in front of him. The orb shot out towards Redack, missing him as he dived out of the way but not hitting the wall, Redack was quickly grabbed by the Force and flung into the Orb of Lightning. The pain of electrocution surging through his nerves but not enough to kill him, just enough to momentarily disable him.

"Pathetic... Insignificant... This is all you are without MY Empire." Jacen stated as he walked over to Redack who was struggle to get up onto his feet. "Ironic, isn't it? That you thought power could be achieved through armies and fleets and empires... Politics will get you nowhere! And while you plotted to take Coruscant I was hiding, improve my knowledge of the Force until I have become what I am today..."

"Stop!" Galven commanded as he got back up, his arms resting on the desk as he was pulling himself up. he wasn't quite as young as he'd once been. Of course they did as Jacen stopped right next to Redack who was now stood up. Jacen merely placed a hand onto Redack's chest, the nano sized gap between the hand and the chest began to glow a blue colour and Jacen pulled his hand away- a purple lightning sparking between it and Redack's chest.

"I'm growing tired of all these pointless political mind games the Jedi are playing. Prepare me a fleet." Jacen Valor stated and walked out of the office. He hadn't killed Redack, oh no. He'd simply absorbed all his midi-chlorians, entirely severing his connection to the Force. Exactly like a Yuuzhan Vong, not immune to the Force but not part of it.

"Darkness..." Redack said, standing up with a grin on his face. Which was a little unusual for someone that had lost his Empire, lost his connection to the force- in fact he'd lost everything. "Eternal darkness... And with it, peace... But they can see!"

"What?" It was Atrum that spoke, walking towards him.

"Revenge... The end... Energy will die... Everything can see me..." Redack said. "I see it all... The darkness... Its everywhere..."

Before Atrum could get near to him, Redack had run off out of the office. He seemed to keep looking back as if being chased by something, a worried look on his face. Atrum walked over to Galven and gave him a hand standing back up then looked at the office... It was a little bit of a mess, though once the Republic had its Supreme Chancellor it wouldn't be their concern any more.

"I think he's finally gone insane." Galven said as he watched Redack run off.

"Which one?" Atrum asked. Was it a joke? Galven couldn't tell, Atrum had a habit of making jokes but not making it clear if he was serious or not.

"I think we need to get rid of Jacen... And soon." Galven said.

"How?" Atrum asked in response.

"I'm not sure yet but I'm beginning to suspect his plans aren't for the betterment of this Empire of the Galaxy." Galven stated. "We'll have to think of something, before its too late."

The two then walked out of the office, leaving it in its current messy state. The Wayland Empire was going to leave this building for the Republic. But it certainly wasn't going to leave Coruscant or take away its orbiting fleets... Not yet anyway...
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Coruscant- The Snake's Venom
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