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PostSubject: Memories   Sat Feb 28, 2009 11:22 pm

((Informational Post.))



Emitting from a street within the intimidating walls that surrounded Iziz these two powerful emotions echoed. In a graceful glide a woman who wielded a blue lightsaber made her way through the streets. Perhaps oblivious to the panic she was creating, perhaps simply ignoring it. Either way it appeared this woman who was once known as Jedi Master Desra Lodet, and previously Sith Lady Lyllith had a specific target in mind. The shadows aided her advance, as her face could not clearly be seen, and the glow of her lightsaber added to this intimidating appearance quite well.

She did not look around as if lost but rather she turned each corner confidently mentally pushing every one out of the way. Those indoors now staring from their windows praying not to be seen, yet unable to pull their eyes away from this being. But unlike most who crosses this woman’s path they would not suffer an early death. No, she had a target in mind. She had a plan that would hopefully create an echo across the newly reinstated Republic.

Stopping in the midst of a four-way street she turned to face one house and with a stretch of her free hand the door shattered under an invisible force. Those who watched gasped in fear and awe, watching as this expressionless assassin made her way. Though they gasped once more at the appearance of someone they recognized. Someone who had grown up in this neighborhood all her life, someone they all greatly respected. Perhaps the Hero in this little tale?

Stepping from a house opposite the one the lightsaber wielding woman intended to enter she ensured the Sith Lady’s progress would halt with a quick shot of a blaster pistol. Which grace the magnificent blue beam quickly spun and redirected the bolt back towards the original gun-woman. Though it was meant merely to intimidate as it quickly flew by Khayla’s face. However it failed as she merely smirked when the heat from the bolt flew dangerously close, but past her.

Almost impressed this corrupt woman stepped forth staring the confident woman in the eyes. Returning the same gaze they both knew what was to come of this, and they both knew Khayla unfortunately had a great disadvantage here. But almost like a signal a flicker from a light dying in the distance declared their battle official as Desra raced in a quick motion forward with her lightsaber. Looking for the blade itself she ducked and smoothly stepped forward underneath the lightsaber where in turn she fired another shot at the force-user, now behind her.

In yet another graceful movement she managed to side step the bolt, and almost like a quick rhythm the two repeated this dance. Until at last with a well-placed kick to the inside of the forearm Desra lost her lightsaber to the street, and swift backhand left Khayla unarmed. Mutually they both knew this would soon be decided with who could land the more powerful unarmed strike. With a series of attacks and dodges along with some move reversals they eventually met in a sort of correctly timed punch. Desra hoping to ensure her victory with the use of the Force, and Khayla awakening something within her as she too unintentionally called upon the mystery that connects all living things. In almost an abrupt stir of power they were both engulfed a visible slightly cloudy’ white energy which soon erupted upwards creating a dance of lights and power.

What everyone could not see however was Desra’s hand fly past Khayla as her own open palm landed directly in the midst of her foe’s torso. A sickening crack soon followed until the point the energy that surrounded both even blinded them. But what Khayla could feel was unexplainable as the light died away and all those watching anxiously stared on. Only Khayla remained…changed. Her exterior had even changed slightly as now visible on her body were tattoos that currently glowed a light blue. But what was truly significant was what her mind raced with. Memories that did not belong to her.

She could remember everything that her opponent once remembered. But these memories did not bother her for like her opponent, they were nothing but something that could no longer be touched. Confused every one soon retreated back to their beds once more, including Khayla who grabbed her opponent’s former weapon and moved to sleep this off. But what everyone knew was the lady that once seemed so very focused was now no more. Nothing but a memory to the few that knew her, and what was left of her own memories now belonged to Khayla Akuara.
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