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 Coruscant - Streets of Rage; Conspiracy revealed? (Part 2) Informative [Older Post]

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Richter Belmont

Richter Belmont

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PostSubject: Coruscant - Streets of Rage; Conspiracy revealed? (Part 2) Informative [Older Post]   Mon Feb 23, 2009 2:53 pm

The task ahead was seemingly too difficult for anyone to single handedly take upon himself. Even if a Jedi, regardless of his status, told a peer that he was going to enter an underworld of the mob and take care of the job himself, the others would see him as foolhardy. Surely, even the greatest among Jedi Masters could not take an army by himself, even with a lightsaber and the aid of the Force. However it was though, this was no mob that was emergent in the lower depths of the city. The plot was more sinister than one could imagine, yet the immediate danger of the task to end it was less than absolute. For one as Richter, the task would be quite daunting, and yet there was better than an improbable chance that he should be able to come out alive and well, as the end would come and the law would finally come to bear on the leader that had started the conspiracy in the first place. From the information that was gathered so far from this point, it did merit the notice of the Jedi Council, and so with that information they would act upon it. Since the Jedi Council had been so inactive in latest terms, with the members so anonymously immersed in their own affairs, the Jedi Knight could only act as he saw fit. No help could come quick enough to ease the situation, for the plead must be first made, then the case taken to question and discerned among the members, and then the decision would be made on whether or not they would do anything. Even if the Council quickly decided to bring a solution to the situation, there would be no guarantee it would be quick enough or strategic enough to be of any merit. The Council has lately been given the reputation of being lackadaisical and unreliable on alerting affairs, and he himself would attest to that under his own experience. The very recent history has been that the Sith have been taking the initiative on the Jedi, attacking Dantooine, and also here on Coruscant, himself being a witness to all of that. He knew that perhaps he was undermining the authority of his superiors by taking this possible calamity on his own shoulders. After all, one being a Jedi Knight is not all that is thought to be, especially if that person is quite new to the position, for his authority is limited and under duress from the Council.

The matter was quite simple though, as the Council was once again out of commission for lack of activity, though it did seem it would thrive this time, he being witness to it. Should it ever return again, and it was likely, he would once again consider himself under its authority if it was established legitimately and under the laws that were enforced once again. For now, being bereft of any guidance, Richter decided for himself to take the task on his own shoulders, but he so as to be as subtle as possible. He did not want to attract attention to himself without need. He needed to figure out how attack the problem while evading the many snares that he would meet along the way, because it was obvious there many as there was in any dangerous situation. There were many thugs, thieves, and felons among the common groups, but he knew there was more to the conspiring organization than local troublemakers. There had to be bounty hunters, skilled combatants, or assassins that waited for anyone or anything daring to interfere with their operations.

=”Where to strike first? Or rather, where do I look first?”

Richter and the law enforcement officers were trying to find some connection other than what the Jedi Knight had found. Surely, there had to be a way to find the hideout of this organization that conspired against the Republic, though there was more to that than they had figured out. The Captain of the officers just then pointed out something.

=”The scouts have brought back so information. The members seem to be coming out of one source, as far as we could tell from how close we got. The area is too dangerous to get any closer. It is under the trunk, the foundation for Palin’s Casino. Though, I do not think they are in league with her.”

Richter twitched his head and inquired what made the officer imply that conclusion, though he felt the same way. Perhaps he wished to allay himself with another’s summary.

=”Why dost though think they are not in league with her? That dark wench is capable of anything. She even spurned her former apprentice in favor for another.”

One among the crowd at the meeting inquired towards Richter on his knowledge.

=”How do you know this? For all we know, you could be him.”

The officer left too much for Richter, so he could make conjecture or riddle however he wished.

=”Thou say I am him. Him who? Am I the former apprentice or the latter? Humph, it doesn’t matter for I am neither, though I have had dealings with the former, for which I will keep to myself. I will visit Palin’s Casino, and I will allow you to patch me up with surveillance if thou do wish it. What say you, Captain Cyphos?”

Captain Cyphos agreed with Richter’s suggestion, and instructed to install upon and within the Jedi Knight’s garments so they could see and hear what Richter could. As soon as they were finished, Richter left the congregation at the park and made his destination Palin’s Casino and he treaded abroad under the solemn yet chaotic glare of the twilight sky. He did not know what to expect or find, but he only knew that he must know tread that path or no one shall.
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Coruscant - Streets of Rage; Conspiracy revealed? (Part 2) Informative [Older Post]
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