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 Coruscant - Visions?

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Vegito Rikhard

Vegito Rikhard

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PostSubject: Re: Coruscant - Visions?   Tue Mar 03, 2009 7:42 pm

~It was good for Vegito to know that Aiden was willing to understand the Jedi rules and bring to them heart. After Vegito had recited each the old and the new laws, Aiden repeated after him, maybe in order to stick them to memory. His padawan didn't seem like he would have a hard time understanding everything about being a Jedi. There was more to being a Jedi than this, but this was a building block for all Jedi, something to follow. But at last, when Aiden was finished repeating the Jedi Code, he said something that might have meant to didn't understand something.~

"Patience, as in using your emotions, seeing events happen before you, and not being too quick in making assumptions about something. Patience is like something to be used against anger or other negative emotions that lead to becoming a servant of the Darkside."

~Now with that done, Vegito figured it was time for Aiden to build his own lightsaber. He went to the painting with the crossing lightsabers on them, and then used a command code on his datapad and it opened, showing a small vault. He used the Force to enter a security code on vault pad, and then repeated it on his datapad with is fingers to open. He grabbed a box that was inside it, and he brought it to Aiden and then opened it. It was a kit for building a lightsaber, and it had two of each type of Jedi crystal within it. The only color that was not there was red, which was the color that Sith use.~

"Aiden, before I teach you further about the Force, you must construct a lightsaber. A lightsaber is a Jedi's most important personal possession. The crystal within your lightsaber lets you know what type of Jedi you will be. There are three classes, and these are Counselor, Guardian, and Sentinel."

~Vegito then began a short explanation of what these classes meant and their respective colors.~

"A Jedi Counselor is one who combines diplomacy and scholarly pursuits with the mastery of the Force, and he uses a green lightsaber crystal. A Jedi Guardian combines mental and physical training with the mastery of the Force, and he uses a blue lightsaber. A Jedi Sentinel is one who combines the practices of Counselor and a Guardian, and he typically uses a yellow lightsaber. Now, you must let the crystal choose you, and it will determine what type of Jedi you will be. Normally, we would be visiting the Caves of Illum, but this must do if it is possible. Now let it call to you, then take the lightsaber components with the instructions and then build your lightsaber."

~Now Aiden would have to let his Jedi fate be chosen along with his choice of crystal color. He was taking it easy with Aiden as he did with the others, because he didn't feel it necessary to make it too hard for his padawans in some aspects of training.~
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PostSubject: Re: Coruscant - Visions?   Wed Mar 04, 2009 3:21 pm

Aiden nodded. A lightsaber is a weapon of the Jedi. The very symbol of the order is a lightsaber. They believe that the lightsabers are apart of them, just as the Marines believed that their rifles were apart of them. The concept was the same, only one was ranged and one melee. Aiden smirked as he thought about it. Two weapons being apart of his being. Wait until Snake hears about this.

Another nod from Aiden would tell the Jedi Master that he understood. Aiden listened as the Jedi Master explained the three different classes. He compared himself to each class, taking each pro and each con into consideration. His mind was made up within seconds. "Jedi Guardian, for sure." Aiden may have left the Sith behind, but he was still a Marine and always would be. Marines were hard hitting and focused mainly on fighting. Aiden being a warfighter, guardian made the most sense for him.

Aiden gently took the creation kit and the crystal from the Jedi Master. He walked over to his large olive-drab bag and sat down. The creation of his lightsaber would take some time, and Aiden was sure the Jedi Master had other things to do. He looked up, his hazel eyes flashing his thanks. "If you want, you can attend to your business. I'll be here when you want to continue." Aiden, not waiting for a response looked down and began laying out the pieces of his lightsaber to be.

((This allows us to RP elsewhere on Coruscant and gets me started. I'm not going to post the creation of the lightsaber, seeing as how I'm too lazy at the moment.))
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Coruscant - Visions?
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