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 Yaga Minor - Welcome to the S.S.

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PostSubject: Yaga Minor - Welcome to the S.S.   Sun Feb 22, 2009 4:37 pm

The small military base known as Obiqtorate was in motion. Marines, just back from an invasion of Kuat, scattered about loading their six Imperial-class Star Destroyers with equipment and supplies. A single man, standing atop the roof of the base’s control center, watched it all. His new fatigues were felt stiff on him. The solid black pattern contrasted the olive drab that he had been wearing only hours before. His hazel eyes searched the working Marines, remembering how each one had fought on Kuat.

Another man, similarly dressed but wearing the solid black blouse for a complete uniform look walked up behind Aiden and stood next to him. Aiden glanced over for a second before looking out over the Marines again. “We’ll be good to go within the hour. Where uh, where exactly are we going?” Snake’s voice was youthful but firm, he was only nineteen.

“You’re headed to Tatooine,” Aiden stated bluntly without looking at Snake. Snake cocked his head to the side and gave Aiden a questioning look. Aiden finally glanced over and realized that he’d have to explain. “We’re leaving the Armada, going to become our own thing. Probably a mercenary group of sorts. Tatooine seems the best to start.”

“A mercenary group? What the hell would we do on Tatooine as a mercenary group?” Aiden’s eyes met with Snake’s. He was making this more difficult than it had to be with all of the questions.

“Go to Tatooine, set up a base of operations there. Land all seven ships on the surface in the middle of no where and go from there. Ambush Tusken’s, kick the shit outa Hutts. Protect the people of Tatooine for a while.” Snake nodded as Aiden explained it all. Snake’s expression still had the questioning look. Aiden knew exactly why. “I won’t be going with you.”

“And why the hell is that?” Snake raised his voice. Aiden knew he was becoming angry- he could tell in Snake’s voice and his expression. Aiden turned to his friend and opened his arms as if to say if you’re going to do something, do it now.

“Because I need a fucking break, Snake. I’ve sent too many people to their deaths. I’m looking out for the entire Corps when I order you to go to Tatooine.” Aiden couldn’t express what was going on in his mind or heart. Seeing his father take a thermal detonator for him and all of his squad but Snake killed ate away at Aiden’s being. Everything in him that kept him calm was disappearing. He needed to disappear, to break off from life for a while.

“You’re coming back right?” Snake’s tone had normalized. Aiden felt relieved.

“Yeah, I’ll come back as soon as I’m squared away again.” Aiden looked at his friend. Snake nodded and sighed. His hand extended out to Aiden and Aiden looked at it for a second before taking it in his own and giving it a slightly tug in a friendly hand-shake. Aiden released Snake’s hand and looked away for a second before glancing back.

“Something wrong, Aiden?” Snake’s voice was genuine. Aiden could trust him, he had fought side by side with the man for a week and bled with the man when they were wounded. They were brothers in arms.

“It’ll probably be best if you change your names.” Snake cocked his head to the side with a questioning look again. Aiden shook his head, understanding the confusion he had brought upon Snake. “Not your individual names, I mean instead of calling yourselves Marines. We’ll always be Marines, we all know that, but it’s dangerous if you stick with that name. We’ve made too many enemies by being in the Armada.”

“So what do you suggest?” Snake crossed his arms and leaned back on a protruding piece of metal that stuck up about five feet.

“Stürmen Soldaten. It means Storm Soldiers in an old, forgotten language. No patches, nothing. Just take the new armor and go. Forget about the MR-1’s. The sand on Tatooine will jam the slugs.” Aiden sighed and looked at Snake. Big changes for such a short time.

“Alright, I think we can manage with the old Deece’s and carbines.”

“Good. Good luck, man. I’ll come back soon.”

“You better.”
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Yaga Minor - Welcome to the S.S.
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