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 Corellia - Foundations

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Adroit System

Adroit System

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PostSubject: Corellia - Foundations   Fri Feb 20, 2009 8:52 am

The Coalition


Five figures sat silently within a grey, featureless room. Three men, a Selonian, and a Drall, all dressed in professional attire customary of their culture. Impatient expressions hung on their faces, as they watched the door expectantly. It wasn’t long before the metallic door slid open, letting Dakar Constantine swiftly enter the room. As the CEO of the Arc Corporation, he was known and respected by each individual, and no questioned him as he made his way to the head of the table. Each figure represented one of the five planets from the Corellian system.

“I have recently returned from my meeting with Jacen on Corucant. It is apparent that the Wayland Empire is interested in power, and not the well being of the galaxy. Or at least, Jacen is interested in power, and nothing else. We must also contend with a sith empire, that while it has retreated after the fall on Coruscant, is certainly out there. So I must propose that the Corellian system found a new coalition, one that will begin here among you five. And in time, I hope that this Coalition will stretch across the galaxy as the Republic had.”

Each looked up in silence, contemplating as Dakar stared each one in the eye.

“What type of government would you propose Mr. Constantine? Would you be the one to lead us to the light?” The Selonian warily said

“I’m glad you asked” Dakar quickly retorted, letting the Selonian’s words roll of his shoulder.

“We would have a republic of course, lead by a Triumvirate. The pro’s to a Triumvirate versus a president or chancellor are many. Perhaps the most obvious one would be that three minds are better than one. Another, is the likelihood of corruption decreases dramatically, making a Palpatine situation unlikely.”

“But the con’s would be a lack of initiative. Bickering among a Triumvirate and slow decisions could make this Coalition crippled.” One of the men quickly interjected.

“Yes, but the collective wisdom outweighs slow action.”

Dakar’s response was quick and absolute, leaving the Selonian with little to argue. She really was all for the idea, but simply wanted let everyone see both sides of the coin.

“Lastly, this coalition would be for the economic, unification, and of course defense purposes. I suggest that the Coalition act as a federal government with limited power. The laws in which we will abide by will be few, and most of the power will be given to you, the individual planets…”

Dakar said, continuing his proposal.

“What about the alliance of on Coruscant? Could it really be that bad? Wouldn’t we benefit from the jedi’s help?”

One of the men questioned. Already, just the thought of the meaning began brewing frustration. As Dakar prepared for his passionate response, he was quickly cut off however, by a voice sounding through the intercom.

“There is an important broadcast by the jedi council. I thought you would like to listen.”

Dakar glanced to the center of the table where a holoprojector brought Master Leingod to the chamber. Dakar sat in silence, listening as did the rest of the representatives. He was not convinced..

“My friends… they say they will stop all invading forces? They don’t even control Coruscant, yet would have you believe it is safe. Jacen is not a man to be trusted, and as more and more of his forces arrive, his grip on Coruscant only strengths…”

Dakar paused, attempting to restrain himself from saying what need not be said.. And from letting his emotions carry him away.

“In front of you will be a datapad with all the information. Take it back to your planets, and decide with your people. Then, if you believe in this Coalition. Return and we shall make an idea reality.”

Dakar’s voice fell silent, and each representative began to slowly filter out.
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Adroit System

Adroit System

Male Number of posts : 121
Age : 27
Registration date : 2008-07-02

PostSubject: Structyre   Fri Feb 20, 2009 4:09 pm


The Coalition is formed from the five terrestrial planets of the Corellian system in order to create a defense from the growing threats throughout the galaxy, namely the Wayland Empire. The Coalition would also lead to increased stability and mutual protection for the entire system. One of the chief founders was Dakar Constantine, a well respected business man on Corellia who was known for his involvement in politics. Despite creating the basis for the Coalition, Dakar remained the CEO of the ARC Corporation and would not take an official political position.

The Coalitions Defense Fleet and armed forces also came by the hands of the ARC Corporations private military. What was originally designed to protect freighters and transport ships, the ARC Corporation converted to a full scale military maintained by the citizens of the Coalition. However, the planets own personal forces would remain as their planetary defense. This was to ensure that no planet would be left powerless in comparison to the Federal military.

Economy and Demographics

Agriculture: The Corellian System not only provides enough food supply for its own planets, but also to use as trade. The largest producer of food in the Coalition is Selonia.

Industry: The Coalitions industry is exceptionally strong. The ARC Corporation forms the backbone of the Coalitions output, supplying the Coalition through military, medical, shipping, and even food. Dakar also retains the ARC Corporation pay full taxes despite the numerous contracts established. Their main shipyards reside around Corellia, though plans have been made to relocate ARC Corporations shipyards to an undisclosed location.

Education: One of the few areas impacted by the federal government. The vast majority of the coalition’s income is diverted towards education, to ensure the future of the Coalition. Federal government requires a minimum of twenty years of education. After that, universities are provided which are not free. However the government has provided vast amounts of grants and scholarships. It is believed that higher levels of education will lead to unrivaled technology and a powerful economy. Media is pushed by the government to inspire education, and for everyone to attend and strive for academic success. Notable universities include the Coalition Defense Academy, Corellian University of Business, and the Tralus University of Technology.

Society and Culture

The coalition society is a melting pot of cultures, species and planets. Species and regional groups maintain their identities; this is especially true for many alien groups throughout the coalition. However due to the pressure from the federal government to increase standards of education, the coalition is beginning to shift towards a more educated society. Among the citizens, health care is provided due to the ARC Corporations genius development of the Healer Solution.


While planetary government is virtually unchanged, the Federal government unifying the respective planets of the coalition is a democracy. Also, due to the nature of the Coalition, a vast portion of its planets have a democratic nature to themselves. Leading the Coalition is triumvirate, elected every four years from the council of representatives. The council of representatives is formed by individuals picked by their home planet is formed to act along with the Triumvirate, covering both the legislative and executive governments. There is no judicial government, leaving planets to their own court systems. In cases of crimes against the state, and other circumstances where planetary judicial systems seem inappropriate, the military tribunal will be used.

Important Figures of the Coalition


Triumvirate Members: Kriel DeMarkesh, Rios Tier, Oldin Zarander

Military Leader

Aric Keel – High Admiral of the Coalition Defense Fleet
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Corellia - Foundations
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