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 ALL READ: Coruscant - Holonet Cast (Informative Post)

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Mark Kenobi

Mark Kenobi

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PostSubject: ALL READ: Coruscant - Holonet Cast (Informative Post)   Thu Feb 19, 2009 12:02 pm

"Greetings, Galactic Republic. This Holonet cast is to announce the end of the rule from the Sith, and the election of the New Jedi Council, and the current occupation of the Republic by Jacen of the Wayland Empire.

The three Jedi Masters that have been elected to the Council are Master Kenobi, Master Rikhard, and Master Leingod. Jedi Master Roy has received the position of a backup council member, and also has authority and privileges of a council member's voice.

Lord Anarcus has made a threat to take over the galaxy by calling the Unholy Alliance back into action. Master Kenobi has volunteered to challenge Lord Anarcus to battle before he can succeed to bring the Unholy Alliance back into action.

The Force be with you all."

*End Transmission*
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ALL READ: Coruscant - Holonet Cast (Informative Post)
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