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 Conquering The Darkness

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PostSubject: Conquering The Darkness   Wed Jan 28, 2009 6:19 pm

((Informational Post.))

((I'll understand if you don't want to read the post, since it isn't that good as I rushed it. So basically what happens is my Jedi Knight Ashaiya returns to Kiffu her homeplanet. Discovers the new Sheyf/Leader is corrupt, moves to kill him however defeats the temptation to the darkside. Instead just arrests him. New Sheyf basically making Kiffu and Kiffex independent planets from the Empire. An' Ashaiya gets a new sword, lightsaber, robes, and Mandolin. ;o))

…”Whether it's fate or the will of the Force, things just happen. I suppose it all depends on how you look at it. Whatever happens, it's how you handle it that matters”…

What was it that truly made an Empire? Was it the military force? Or the support of the people? …What power could an Emperor hold without the support of the people? But could this support be forced through fear? These questions quickly spread through the minds of those in the Galaxy. In a matter of hours almost every world had abruptly been told they were now serving a new Emperor, every military force would raise their banner for someone new, every person would pay a small price that would inevitably be collected by the Emperor, and every individual would slowly see the impact of this sudden change.

But one society in specific would soon feel the impact of this sudden change, as every Empire had an enemy. What better way to damage an Empire even in the slightest then turn a section of their army against them? While the numbers wouldn’t make that much of a difference it would still be a negative to them. Which would be satisfactory at the time being.

For every Empire there are always those closer to the men around them, those who truly hold the power among them. When one of those men fall the rest fall as well but if replaced with someone with opposite ideals, then not only does the Empire lose some men but also gain an enemy.

Slowly a public transport ship touched down on the landing platform on the planet and out-stepped Kiffar Guardian, and Jedi Knight Ashaiya Sihn. She had returned in hopes of gaining support for a possible rebellion against the current Empire, but instead of her mother meeting her as she expected she was instead met with a man she had never seen before. Though judging by the tattoo on his face he was clearly a Kiffar of another clan.

Man: “Ashaiya?”

Ashaiya: “Mhm.”

Man: “I was sent by your Uncle, Sheyf Runeic.”

Ashaiya: “Wait, Sheyf?”

Man: “Indeed. Your Uncle has much to explain to you. Shall we go?”

Using his head to point somewhat over to a speeder nearby she then nodded and followed him into it, currently in her Kiffar Guardian armor she had equipped her lightsaber hilt to her waist and made her way to the main tower where her Uncle would be located. Greeted by many other Kiffar Guardians as she made her way to her Uncle her eyes soon fell upon him in a rather enchanting chair, surrounded by two guards. She felt something was wrong as he was the younger brother of her father, meaning her father must have either died or declined the position.

Runeic Sihn: “Ah…Ashaiya. It’s been two years since I’ve seen you! Tell me, how are you doing?”

Ashaiya: “I’m doing fine Uncle…”

She stopped about two meters directly from where her Uncle now sat, a slight worrying tone was planted in her voice as she spoke. Clearly her Uncle picked up on it as he spoke once more.

Runeic Sihn: “You seem troubled my dear. Tell me, what’s on your mind?”

Ashaiya: “Well…I was just curious. My father was next in-line to be Sheyf and I was just wondering what had happened? Did he turn it down?”

A grim look now obvious in her Uncle’s eyes at the mention of her father, and his brother. Turning to his guards he signaled them they might leave. Their absence leaving the two alone in the room now.

Runeic Sihn: “Indeed…Ashaiya I-I…wish I didn’t have to tell you this. However your father was killed in action upon an unfortunate turn of events on Kiffex.”

She was abruptly stricken with grief to such a point where she couldn’t even react normally, she was so upset she couldn’t just shed tears or fall to her knees dramatically. She was just unresponsive as her Uncle stood and shook her, occasionally loudly saying ‘Ashaiya?’ in hopes of bringing her back to the reality. At last however her mind now nagged her with the status of her mother.

Ashaiya: “What of my mother?”

Runeic Sihn: “After learning the death of her husband, she was fueled with just rage and began killing innocents she believed had a hand in Devith’s death. I didn’t want to kill her so I sentenced her to be imprisoned on Kiffex, until she had time to realize the weight of her actions.”

Ashaiya: “I…see.”

She couldn’t respond with anything less or more, though she did have her own question. Or would request be more appropriate?

Ashaiya: “Is there any way I could visit her?”

Runeic Sihn: “In time yes, however I don’t think it’d be wise just yet. But enough of this dark news. It’s your first day of return I’d feel better if you would go rest and come to terms with this. Pick any spare room you’d like just be sure to indicate you’re in the room.”
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PostSubject: Re: Conquering The Darkness   Wed Jan 28, 2009 6:19 pm

Nodding she retreated back to a room where she then rested, although she had little intention to simply let her mother sit there supposedly losing it while she had returned and soon intended to leave. Waking some time in the middle of the night she quickly changed to more comfortable clothing and once again took her lightsaber where she then snuck out and took a quick ship to the Kiffex prisons.

Some hours later Ashaiya at last arrived and made her way to the building where she had found out her mother was located in, after reading a few files before her departure from Kiffu. Gaining entry through the use of Force Persuasion she continued its use to make her way past the guards without alarming them and eventually to her mother’s cell. Though she had no way of subtly releasing her, she wasn’t about to use her lightsaber to cut her way in. She was only here to confirm the state of her mother however she was surprised as to what she saw.

Her mother didn’t appear to be as angry as previously said, which was odd to her. Perhaps her Uncle had possibly just misinterpreted her mother’s condition?

Shanadra Sihn: “Ashaiya…? Is it you?”

Approaching the bars her mother obviously shocked at her appearance here though seeming quite worried as well she spoke once more.

Shanadra Sihn: “What are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here!”

Ashaiya: “Uncle said you were arrested and placed here. I had to confirm such for myself.”

Shanadra Sihn: “Your Uncle…there is a lot you have to hear and the truth you’ll have to find yourself. But the reason I was imprisoned here was because after your father’s death I found traces of evidence that lead to the possibility of his death being planned.”

As Ashaiya obviously looked to her in confusion, she knew time wasn’t on their side and quickly moved on.

Shanadra Sihn: “But what truly angered me was not too long after his death, Runeic now the new Sheyf wasted no time in making advances on me. I was taken back by it to such a degree I accused him of treason and declined his advances. Though not accepting that he ordered my imprisonment.”

Ashaiya: “But…you…he said you had started killing innocents thinking they were involved in father’s death.”

Shanadra Sihn: “What? I had-…”

Both quickly looked over to the far end of the hallway where they had heard a noise, her mother turning back to Ashaiya and spoke once again.

Shanadra Sihn: “Quickly go!”

Ashaiya unwillingly agreeing she quickly made her way off once more disappearing into the prison, as subsequently approaching Shanadra’s cell was Runeic himself. Though they didn’t speak as Runeic merely stared off to where Ashaiya had headed to he turned his attention back to Shanadra but still did not speak. Meeting her stare with a cold one of his own he turned away and walked away expecting something not right in the air.

Making her way back to Kiffu upon the same ship she had originally arrived it took another couple hours to get back. Upon returning to the Kiffar Guardian headquarters she had made her way to the small but constantly updated event recorder looking for the report on what had happened on Kiffex. Learning of what appeared to be a power failure at one of the planet prisons and following the criminals escaping her father and a few others were called in to help round up the criminals. Finding that her father was indeed killed in action by one of the prisoners the only information she could find on them was that they had been placed there recently.

Digging slightly more she was interested to find where exactly her father’s body was found. Knowing she would have to return to the prison area she decided it would be best to wait for the next night.

As that night soon arrived she had once again made her way back though this time she didn’t bother bringing her lightsaber with her. Silently she mentally counted her way to the specific location and upon finding it and used Psychometry, though with memories as vast as this object would surely contain it would take a lot of concentration to pull a specific one. Fortunately she could focus on recent ones however regardless it’d be difficult.

Eventually managing to do so she could see her father’s death, in fact she could feel all the emotions between the two. It was over-whelming…

Anger filled her, a desire for justice raised within her, as well a parade of other emotions that occurred at the time. Though continuing to search these memories she found herself directly in front of his cell as he was placed there by Runeic who then discussed his plan and what the man’s job was to do. Far more anger filled her and she soon made her next destination.

After a bit of travel once more she was once again on Kiffu and heading to the main room where her Uncle was usually located. She was here for revenge, to strike him down for her father, and to gain her mother’s honor back once more. Approaching two guards she unleashed strong force pushes directly into them throwing them back into the wall behind them where they were then knocked out. Taking one of their swords she made her way into the throne room where her Uncle then turned to face her.

Runeic Sihn: “Ashaiya…? What is the matter?”

Ashaiya: “You! You ordered my father’s death! You imprisoned my mother after trying to sleep with her! You stole the Sheyf position!”

Runeic Sihn: “What? Don’t be a fool Ashaiya. Who told you this? Your insane mother?”
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PostSubject: Re: Conquering The Darkness   Wed Jan 28, 2009 6:20 pm

Without responding she unleashed another force push but this time on him. Sending him back into a wall he quickly dropped to his bottom, as he then looked up to her shocked at what she had just done. She had just used the Force.

Runeic Sihn: “It appears you’ve gained a few more tricks.”

Ashaiya: “Why?! Why did you do it?”

Runeic Sihn: “Because otherwise our species would have been inevitably destroyed! Your father’s moronic sense of morals would only lead him to oppose the new Emperor. What would that solve? Nothing.”

Ashaiya: “So you take his life?!”

Advancing fairly quickly she pointed the sword down at his throat, but knowing there was no point in trying to convince her otherwise he quickly kicked her back and regained his footing as he drew his own sword. As this happened a few other Kiffar Guardians had entered the room after noticing the unconscious guards outside. Though stopping in shock as their Sheyf and most promising Guardian faced each other with swords. One stepping up and demanding what was happening Ashaiya turned her head slightly to answer.

Ashaiya: “He’s the one who killed my father! He imprisoned my mother under false terms! He is corrupt and it is my duty to end his reign!”

Shocked at her words the Guards didn’t seem to believe her completely however Runeic then spoke up.

Runeic Sihn: “In a way, she is correct. I ordered the death of my brother because he would only lead our people to annihilation. One life to save millions. Am I so corrupt for thinking of the people as a whole? Rather than my own honor?!”

At his words she quickly made a strike once more at him, which he parried with ease. Though the fight did not end there as the two continued the fight and the other Guardians thought of their alliance. However one of the Guardians appeared to have made his decision already, as it was obvious he vanished a while ago. The fight fairly even would last another few hours until the appearance of her mother entered the room with the once vanished Kiffar. Distracted Runeic left his guard down and Ashaiya took her chance to quickly cut his hand off successfully disarming him.

Falling back in pain he gripped his bleeding forearm as he glared at Ashaiya, who readied to finish him.

Shanadra Sihn: “Wait! It’s not right to kill him..”

Ashaiya: “But he murdered my father! Your husband! How could we just let him live?”

Shanadra Sihn: “We’d only be turning into him then. Lower your sword.”

Standing still she battled herself as to what to do. A desire of revenge and vengeance filled her, as she wanted ever so much to take his life in payment. However she slowly began to realize as to what she was becoming. So much hate filled her…

…"To do one's duty is not always to do right. Concern yourself with the right action. Let duty take care of itself."…

Lowering her sword she stepped back and her mother instead step forward to him followed by two Guardians.

Shanadra Sihn: “You’re under arrest and will be immediately moved to Kiffex for treason and murder of an authority. Your wound will be treated first however. Remove him now.”

With Runeic removed as the Sheyf the next in line would be Shanadra herself, and so in obedience the two Guardians took the hurt Runeic and did as told. Turning around Shanadra faced Ashaiya and spoke.

Shanadra Sihn: “Go, get some sleep. Then meet me tomorrow here.”

Nodding she did as told and fell asleep in her room. While Shanadra on the other hand left to gather a few things in preparation the next day. Awaking feeling much more peaceful than the previous night, she had successfully managed to turn away from the Darkside and was quite proud of herself. Making her way to where her mother ordered her to be she walked into the main room where she found her mother with a few things on the table. Noticing what appeared to be a pair of robes, a sword, and a few materials.

Shanadra Sihn: “I trust you’re feeling better?”

Ashaiya: “I am.”

Shanadra Sihn: “Excellent. Then I must ask, how have you been?”

Ashaiya: “Good for the most part. Met a lot of interesting people, gained quite a few new skills.”

Shanadra Sihn: “That’s good to hear. So are you prepared to become an official Kiffar Guardian?”

Ashaiya: “Actually…I think I’ll be leaving again soon.”

Shanadra Sihn: “What do you mean?”

Ashaiya: “While I was gone I had met a Jedi, who trained me. I know have the opportunity to do what I’ve always wanted to do. Help the Galaxy.”

Shanadra Sihn: “I see. Then in that case, I officially rank you a Kiffar General. For your part in putting Runeic down. However you’re not required to stay.”

Ashaiya: “I thank you. But is that wise? I won’t be here often.”

Receiving only a reassuring nod from her mother she smiled as she then brought her attention to the table between them.

Shanadra Sihn: “I have a few gifts for you. The Robes are loose enough for maneuverability and come with the Kiffar Guardian symbol upon the left breast. The sword is an ancient weapon of the Jedi, found by one of our own long ago. I believe with your training you could use this far better than I first had thought. I believe it’s called a Jedi Katana. The material is Mandalorian Iron a surprisingly light but nearly indestructible material. Use it as you wish. Is there anything else I could do for you?”

Ashaiya: “Well, I’ve taken an interest in music. The Mandolin particularly however I lost my last one.”

Shanadra Sihn: “I’ll send a runner now to hire someone to craft you one of quality.”

Thanking her with a hug and a farewell Ashaiya then took her own lightsaber and removed the crystal and crafted a hilt out of the Mandalorian Iron. However with the copy of the archives she had she used it to construct a dual-phase lightsaber, but this one was at default a short lightsaber to be used more as a Wakizashi. However the blade length could be increased at a given time. The Robes she got made that to resemble a Jedi’s robe, but keeping the symbol the same. The colouring being dark brown, tan, and white. Taking the Jedi Katana and using a strap to hold it on her back underneath her over robe so it was hidden. Waiting a day for her new Mandolin she thanked the runner and sent her regards. Soon she then preceded to a public transport where she then left the planet once more, now a Kiffar General and still a Jedi Knight.

With these events Kiffu and Kiffex would be of independent control and hopefully inspire other planets to do the same.
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PostSubject: Re: Conquering The Darkness   

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Conquering The Darkness
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